Common Electrical Problems That Require a Professional Solution

Electricity is a vital cornerstone of modern civilisation. It’s hard to imagine where humanity would be if electricity had not been invented. Almost every major appliance is now powered by electricity. Today, electrical supply has been greatly refined. From the point of generation, electricity is transferred through pipes and amplifiers to local substations, from where it’s supplied to houses and commercial buildings. However, electrical problems are likely to arise from time to time in buildings. Despite being incredibly useful, electricity is also quite harmful. If you touch an exposed wire without taking proper safety precautions, you are likely to sustain a serious injury. There are a series of electrical problems that require professional handling. If there’s a disruption in your house, you should always call an electrician. Here are a few common electrical problems that require a professional solution.

Electrical Fluctuations

The electricity supply in your house is set at a specific voltage. Most appliances and electrical switches require electricity at a specific voltage. If there’s a fluctuation, it could cause damage to the wires and the electrical circuitry in your house. If you notice the bulbs flickering and the voltage fluctuating time and again, it’s probably an issue with the internal wiring or the components that regulate the electrical supply.

You can contact Malaga electricians to visit your house and inspect the wiring to determine the cause of the issue. Because there are so many fail safes and electrical components that regulate the supply, isolating the problem is not an easy job. The electricians will test each component individually to find out what’s causing the fluctuation, and then devise a solution. Tampering with the electrical wiring on your own is really not a wise idea. It could cause electrocution or a serious injury.

Issues with Three-Phase Electric Power

The electricity supply in your house is divided into three phases. This helps divide the electrical load in your house and ensures a steady supply of electricity to all appliances. You can see this by checking the lights on your distribution panel. If one of the lights is dim or not lit at all, it means that you are not getting proper electricity supply, or that electrical phase is not active. You need to call an electrician to check the problem. Tampering with the wiring in your distribution panel is a bad idea, and it could cause an electrical outage in the whole house. Always let a professional handle such issues.

Sockets Not Working

Dead sockets need to be replaced, and the switchboard will have to be removed to disconnect the wiring before a new socket can be installed. If there’s a dead socket in your switchboards, you should contact a professional electrician to take a look. The electrician will check whether the issue lies in the socket or if the wiring is damaged internally. These are some common problems that you will have to deal with, and it’s recommended that you only have an electrician handle them.