Does Your Car Park Need Bitumen Sealing?

One key aspect of maintaining a business property is ensuring that the parking areas are in good condition. The problem is that the surfaces of many car parks become damaged over time due to usage, weather conditions, soil movement, and the growth of tree roots. This can cause cracks and potholes. In such cases, sealing may be necessary.

What Causes Damage to Roads and Car Parks?

Despite the fact that asphalt roads, car parks, and other sealed outdoor areas are quite resistant to weather due to the flexible nature of bitumen, these areas are prone to become damaged due to the following factors:

  • Weather: The biggest cause of damage to hard sealed areas is weather. The expansion of substrate in the heat of summer and the contraction of the substrate during cold seasons places stress on the material. In time, this causes cracks and holes to open up, which in turn allows more water into the substrate. Consequently, this causes a further deterioration of the material to the point that it may collapse, be washed away in heavy weather, or result in holes and exposure of the sub-soil beneath.
  • Soil movement: Over time, the sub-soil underneath sealed roads and other areas may move. This could be due to nearby construction, the movement of the water table, or heavy rains causing soil subsidence. This will weaken and damage the top layers of sealed aggregate and cause cracks and holes to appear, which further deteriorate the material.
  • Tree roots: One of the most common causes of damage to concrete and asphalt is the growth of tree roots. These exploratory roots extend beneath the surface and move the soil. They may also penetrate the substrate material and cause physical damage to it in the form of raised areas, cracks, and holes.

Sealing Over the Problem

The good news is that bitumen sealing can deal with many of the problems of damage asphalt. During this process, a special mixture of binder, polymers, and bitumen is used to seal cracks. This material provides a durable but flexible seal that typically lasts for fifteen years, depending on weather conditions and other local factors.

Why Is It So Important?

So, why is it so crucial to repair these damaged areas? Consider the following reasons:

  • Visual appeal: Cracked and damaged car parks and roads simply look ugly and unappealing. If you run a business and your hard surface outdoor areas have seen better days, what does this tell potential customers and other visitors about your business? Is it professional to leave these areas looking like this?
  • Injuries: The last thing you’d want as a business owner is to have an employee, customer, or visitor to your establishment injured. Unfortunately cracks and potholes can become tripping hazards, and this can result in expensive legal action.
  • Vehicle damage: Unstable or damaged roads and car parks can cause damage to vehicles. Once again, this is not a great look for any business.

If you have asphalt areas around your property that are damaged, it’s always a good idea to have them resprayed or repaired.