French Windows Never Go Out Of Fashion

French windows are like a gem on the ring, they add beauty to the design of the house. Having French windows is the best way to add continuity between the exterior and interior of the house. They make a simple room seem ultra-inviting, and they let sunlight flow into the room and enhance the allure of an average room.

Sliding glass windows are gaining popularity in the modern architect but French windows have its own class. A modest pair of traditional hinged lustrous French windows are still the most desirable windows. It is best for those who are looking for something simple and decent but still wants something extraordinary. You can add glamour to your room with French windows at an affordable price. Here are few exclusive ideas and tips that might help you in adding style to your home.

Don’t overdo things

You need to do homework on types of windows and your home interior before purchasing window. Make sure you chose the best design that compliments the architecture of your home. Don’t overdo while you add on French windows to your home, just a few of them would do fine. To create a clean bright look you need to keep it simple so you don’t need to overcrowd your walls with windows.

Craft A Scene

If French windows are used cleverly it can add exciting glimpse into the house as well as add style to the exterior. If you are setting up a dining room add a plain dining table with the rustic centrepiece and a colourful rug near the corner to a country style room.

Enhance your dining experience.

Think about all the ways that can bring style to your home. If you are going for an open kitchen in your home then setting your dining table by a set of simple and elegant French windows will give a beautiful scene of outdoor mealtime feel during winters.

Focus on more light

Plain French windows look brilliant because they let the light in the room and makes it look spacious. Place windows on walls that can bring direct sunlight into the room, this will save electricity and light up your room the entire day.

Small windows also sound good

Don’t think that the house can only look elegant with large French windows. Small stylish French windows also add a statement to the interior of the house. A set of French windows and doors create a homely vibe; similar to a decent peaceful cottage. Place a small French window between the sitting lounge and the living room to connect the rooms. It also helps in spreading daylight to the rooms which have no access to fresh daylight.

Consider different colour frames

It isn’t necessary to only go for white pane French windows, you can add up the colour. If you live in the city side of the country and it’s always dusty and noisy, then you can opt for wood coloured frames as they won’t look dirty after few days and will continue to add a rustic and elegant look. Because if you go for the traditional white ones, they will turn black because of dust and dirt within a few days.