Has Your Driveway Seen Better Days?

Lots of homeowners have old concrete driveways that have seen better days. The driveway is one of the first things that any visitor lays eyes on and if it’s not in great condition, what will they think? This becomes even more of an issue for people who are in the middle of selling their homes.

What Happens to a Concrete Driveway?

Nothing lasts forever of course, but old concrete driveways usually share common issues, including:

  • Cracks: Though concrete is used every second of the day somewhere in the world, it is prone to cracking. It is tough and durable, but the substrate is also brittle and inflexible. In a country such as Australia where we often have heat extremes, this can lead to a constant contraction and expansion of the aggregate underneath the surface. When combined with the pressure from vehicles, this can lead to cracking over time that will just get worse as the weather expands it and seeps into the exposed areas and into the aggregate.
  • Lifted concrete: One of the biggest problems is when nearby tree roots start to grow underneath the concrete driveway and lift the concrete. This often results in unsightly cracks and lifted areas. The biggest problem here is that these areas can even become a tripping hazard.
  • Staining: Over time, your concrete driveway will become unsightly due to oil spills, coolant leaks, and organic debris such as All of these things can be difficult to clean away. They can make any driveway look visually unappealing and some of the acidic byproducts can even damage the surface.

A Cost Effective Solution

If you’re looking to upgrade your old driveway, the installation of plain concrete driveways in Melbourne is a cost effective solution to the problem. Furthermore, it’s not just about plain old concrete anymore. Modern concrete driveways can even be coloured. This means that you get to choose the colour and the pigment itself is actually a part of the concrete. Unlike painted concrete, this feature makes it resistant to weathering, meaning that you’ll have a fresh looking driveway all year round for many years.

Of course, the modern look is also about exposed aggregate to. Instead of the smooth grey concrete you’re used to seeing, you can have a driveway installed that exposes the stony aggregate substrate. This provides texture and visual interest.

For Businesses Too

Many businesses also have concrete areas that are prone to cracking and lifting. The last thing that you need is a legal issue on your hands because a customer or client tripped and fell over a crack in your concrete driveway or other area. Having new concrete installed is a cost effective solution to a common problem in these cases.

Whether you’re about to sell your home and you need to spend some money on renovations, or you run a business and you need to address some health and safety concerns, having concrete driveways and concrete slabs installed is a good solution.