How to Legally Sell Scrap Metal in the UK

There was a time when you could sell scrap metal and waste management companies would buy it off you for cash. Since 2013, buying crap for cash is a criminal offence.

Scrap Metal Buyers

The easiest way of getting rid of scrap metal is to sell it to a licensed buyer, companies such as Sim Vic scrap metal in London are licensed to buy your scrap metal, but they won’t offer you cash. If someone comes knocking at your front door looking to buy scrap metal from your skip, ask them to produce a license before you agree to any type of transaction.

Don’t Accept Cash

In the UK, even licensed scrap metal companies won’t buy any material using cash, they know it is against the law, so they’ll offer you money into your account. This way the transaction is recorded and logged, so they know who and where they bought the scrap metal from. If you happen to offer scrap metal to a dealer who agrees to pay in cash, politely refuse and look for another company elsewhere.

Visit Reputable Merchants

The only way to ensure you are selling scrap metal to a certified dealer is to visit your local scrap yard and inquire about trading items. Some merchants will collect the metal while others will ask you to bring it to their yard for inspection.

The most important thing to remember when selling scrap metal is to check to see if the company is a fully licensed scrap metal dealer.