How to Make Your Basement Bedroom Cozy and Comfortable Place to Live

Until today, you might have tagged your basement as a storage room, but you can certainly change it by having it remodeled and turned into something more attractive and comfortable. Many people love the idea of turning a basement into a bedroom, but they do not really know what helps them have a cozy and comfortable bedroom to enjoy with family. Here are the tips that will get you started in the right way.

Select the Right Colors

It is important to pain the basement bedroom and it is even more important to select the right colors for it. You need to ensure that you select warm and cozy colors that actually work well with the rest of the stuff you have in your basement. Everything gels together to make you feel relaxed and secured when you are asleep in your basement bedroom. Therefore, you should put your money on cozy colors while making sure the background is neutral. A good idea is to have an accent wall in the basement bedroom – you can have it painted in warm hues to get rid of any dreariness. Keeping the color palette as simple as possible will also make the place inviting and comfortable at the same time.

Pay Attention to Ceilings and Floor

While finding the right furniture and preparing your walls deserve a lot of your attention, you should also consider the type of flooring you need in your basement bedroom. You may opt for a drywall finish and couple it with decorative ceiling beams to create a good overall look. By using this option, you may be able to keep the ambiance in your basement as close to your main-level rooms as possible. For flooring, you can never go wrong with laminate tiles. Many people love solid wood flooring, but understand that it is not going to work in the basement where humidity is going to be high even if you have installed a humidifier. You can opt for laminate tiles and through in some stylish rugs to create a cozy and comfortable environment.

Select a Staircase Wisely

It always adds to the overall design of your bedroom to invest in a staircase that allows for a grand entrance. Many people do not look concerned about designing the right staircase leading to your basement, but it is a mistake and should be avoided. No matter how much money or thought you have put in to remodel your basement, it will all fall apart if you have to climb down a simple ladder to enter your new bedroom. You can also opt for a gorgeous spiral staircase that works great in basement bedrooms. It does not take a lot of space and still adds to the overall design and grace of your basement bedroom. You can also consider making it look like a ‘slide’ that will keep your kids happy and interested.