Require Antique Furniture For Your Home? Here’s A Guide!

Any space designed with antiques always creates an impression. While you can buy a lot of antique artifacts, antique furniture is worth considering. Most people, unfortunately, don’t know much about this, which is why they end up buying items that are not antique in the first place. In this short and quick guide, we bring you some basic details about antique furniture.

What’s antique? Is this different from vintage?

To classify as an antique, an item needs to be at least hundred years old. So, antique furniture is usually 100 years old, if not more. Vintage, on the other hand, refers to products and items that are decades old. A chair that’s 30 years old would classify as vintage and not antique. There are antique furniture and fine furniture importers, who can guide further on how items are classified as antique. It is also important to understand that just because something is a hundred years old doesn’t mean it is worth paying a big price. How the antique furniture item has been maintained, the qualities of the product, and source determine the price.

Where to buy?

Typically, people used to buy antique furniture from auctions, because that was the only accessible resource. Some antique stores do have furniture, but these are usually far and few, because stocking big furniture items isn’t a viable thing for most sellers. If you are buying for your home, the best idea is to look for a local importer than you can rely on. Importers use their networks to gather and collect items from different parts of the world, and there’s so much to look for. When dealing with an antique furniture seller for the first time, check if they are part of professional bodies.

What else to know?

Do not buy antique furniture without a Certificate of Authenticity – period. In case the product turns out to be a fake one, you wouldn’t have any recourse. Many dealers are now available online, which is a great way to narrow down your search. Before you get your first item, be realistic with your expectations. While antique furniture items are often restored for functionality, don’t expect these to be new or in perfect condition. In fact, that’s what makes antique furniture so likeable. The signs of aging shouldn’t be covered, and often, extreme restoration can reduce the value of the product.

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