The Many Advantages of Roof Tiles

The roof of your house is susceptible to a wide range of environmental elements and needs to undergo regular repairs from time to time. If you do not maintain your roof properly, it won’t take long before problems begin to arise. Roofing problems can be detrimental not only for the value of your house in general, but also because it affects the upper floors of your house. For instance, if there’s a leakage in the roof due to excessive water damage, the water may eventually trickle through the walls and eventually run through them, as well. Moreover, the paint on the ceiling may begin to peel.

Asphalt and concrete are the most popular options for homeowners. However, most asphalt and concrete roofs generally last around 10-15 years with adequate maintenance and need to be replaced afterwards. If you are thinking of replacing the roof of your house, there are plenty of options that you can consider. One of the best options that you can go for is a tiled roof. A tiled roof not only looks good, but it also offers many additional benefits.

Tiled roofs are slightly more expensive and quite heavy, but when you consider the pros of selecting a tiled roof, you will realise that they are definitely worth the money. There are several materials that are used for manufacturing the tiles. In the past, the more traditional roof tiles were made by baking fired clay or slate. However, this was quite tedious, so that’s no longer the case. In fact, most roofing tiles that are manufactured today are made using concrete. If you are thinking of switching over to a tiled roof, you have to find reliable roof tilers in Sydney.  Here are just some of the many advantages that you get for switching to tiled roofs.

Long Lasting

One of the main reasons that you should consider switching to a tiled roof is that it’s going to last you a very long while. Most traditional roof tiles are incredibly sturdy and durable, and can sustain quite a bit of damage over time. In fact, many experts believe that a traditional tiled roof can last you upwards of 100 years if it’s installed in the right climate. They can easily withstand fire, high winds, environmental debris, hail, and a lot more. Once you install a tiled roof, you won’t have to worry about installing another roof in your house again. In fact, most manufacturers who provide tiled roofs even give a warranty of at least 50 years.

Energy Efficient

Another reason that you should consider going for roof tiles is that they are quite energy efficient. The higher thermal mass of the tiles is capable of regulating the temperature indoors. Hot air rises, but the thermal qualities of the tiled roof will prevent it from escaping through the house. These are a few reasons that you should consider making the switch over to a tiled roof for your house. They are also incredibly affordable.